Grammar Rules

Grammar Rules


Sách ngữ pháp kinh điển bằng Tiếng Anh mà bất cứ ai muốn học tốt ngôn ngữ này đều muốn sở hữu nó. Mặc dù được viết bằng tiếng Anh nhưng văn phong rất dễ hiểu, kèm ví dụ minh họa đầy cuốn hút giúp bạn hiểu đầy đủ hơn và chi tiết hơn.



This comprehensive book provides 40 units filled with lessons and practices. Each of the 40 units is divided into 4 sections:
Parts of Speech – Students learn to recognize parts of speech through writing and analysis.
Mechanics – Rules and common errors associated with each part of speech are explained. This section reinforces student’s understanding of the previous section, and addresses mistakes most often made by students in writing tests, such as the SAT.
Diagramming – Teaches students the structure of language and the relationships among words, phrases, and clauses, while building on what was taught in the previous sections.
Proofreading – Teaches students to examine their work carefully for errors. This section also provides practice in recognizing and eliminating slang, cliches, redundancies, and wordiness.
Also included in this book are sections on Review, Skill Check, Glossary, Diagramming Patterns, and an Answer Key.

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